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Hi Liane,

Hi Tammy!

This is where you put some sort of interesting bio about yourself. Maybe a few pics. Y’know, something sassy.

I think this is better .. just this … 

If you are reading this from the front of the site, you edit this page by going to the dashboard, click ‘Pages’ from the left sidebar, click ‘About’ and then edit like you did the posts!

If you are blah blah blah front of the site (evolves into Charlie Brown’s teacher noises)  muah  muah muah muah  (no those are not kisses) click this click that … then you called me a left sidebar … something about  ‘ABOUT’ and edit blah blah  … where’s the lighter? Where is the grinder??? My glasses, and my glasses … where are those?? Probably with my attention span and my virginity and that ATM card I lost …. what were you saying? 

NOTE – DO NOT touch the Contact page. Fine. That has a little gadget there that will eventually lead to you getting these emails when people try and contact you.

Are you saying I have a “little gadget” WTF?! Little gadgets eventually lead to … oh never mind …


OK! Jeezzzzz … ya don’t have be SO bossy, do ya???

That is all.

Far from it ….