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James Korloch posted the Benny N Joon poster today on FaceBook – I had to write

People always ask me for stories from when I shot this film or that TV show and when I am on the spot it’s hard. I go blank a lot. Since it’s early yet here in LA (7 AM) and I am in my morning haze, seeing the poster jogged my memory. First thought I had?

Mary Stewart Masterson. I had left my very young sons to go to Spokane to work this film for 2 weeks. I was totally freaked out bc if you know my story, I basically stopped acting because in my mind I thought: why have a child if a third party (nanny) is going to raise it for you while you are away? No. I wanted to be hands on. I had help for a few years when the boys were infant and toddler but then it was all me. So there I am in Spokane we are a few days in and I’m homesick and (like I am always) totally anxious. Working with big names, away from home, two babies far away with a new nanny bc the one I DID have helping was away on vacation – perfect storm for a bummed out Liane. At that time there were brick phones, which is really irrelevant, except to say that technology has come a LONG, long way and I remember how awkward it was to handle but I digress.
I was walking by Mary’s trailer and there was Mary on her brick phone with someone named George and the conversation was semi-strained. She came out of her trailer and I happened to be close enough that we started talking. She was incredibly graceful and lovely about the discord in her personal life but didn’t TMI unload at all – – she simply gave me generalities in a straight forward non-desparaging manner and once she got the George stuff off her chest she asked about me. So we talked about me (imagine that, an actress happily prattling on about herself – how odd) and I must have said something about missing the boys so she handed me her brick phone and told me to call home so I could say hi to Tyler (now 28) who was a toddler at least. Logan (now 26) was only 10 months old so that part was more a one way thing but, still,  it made me feel better. 
Oh how I HATED leaving them but the kindness Miss Mary showed me seriously helped me through the two weeks away and I have never (ever) forgotten.
I have also never forgotten that it was June and the cherry tree in the front yard of the home they used to shoot was in its fruit bearing time. YUMMMMM.
I remember how nervous I was on set and was SO afraid of not keeping up with “all of them” on set or doing something wrong. Young and afraid. Now I am “of a certain age” and still have an anxiety thing. Whole other blog …. maybe.
I ate meals with Joe Grifasi and Dan Hedaya a bunch. I had Copper River Salmon for the 1st time because those two made me try it. YOU SHOULD ALL TRY IT WHEN IT’S IN SEASON …. OMG more YUMMMM.
I went to the Bon Marche mall https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bon_Marché which was a very cool mall. It  had a sky bridge I remember. I had to send my per diem home to Jim (my husband at the time) to pay the nanny but I treated myself to 2 things: I bought an espresso machine to make cappuccinos in the AMs (and afternoons and whenever I wanted to play barista) in my hotel room and I bought a dress (which I still own) which needed a little altering.  The wardrobe people helped me. They didn’t do it FOR me – I wanted to learn and did it myself with guidance.
Side bar: Jaq looks good in it (that’s my daughter if you don’t already know, who LOVES to hijack my clothes and use them for photo shoots and wear them on national telly -American Idol s14) She may have been wearing it at the NY in Hollywood event if memory serves. It may not, but whatever, there is a lot in my head and it all swirls and blends.
Johnny Depp. Memory like an elephant. He remembered me as soon as I walked into the table read from 21 Jump street years earlier and was as gentle and kind as they come. I can’t imagine he has changed too much. Gentle people usually stay gentle at their core. In my experience, anyway. Hope he’s still chill and sweet. Comment ça va, man? Do you still eat fried bologna sandwiches? What? It’s a valid question.
I almost forgot this!
The article from the Spokane-Regional which came out on June 17th, 1992: From Left to right … they forgot someone. BUT I FIXED IT… !!
I am ever grateful to have had the experience (even though the Spokane-Regional ghosted me – lol). Spokane is a cool town. Benny n Joon is a solid, good film. The people I met were all kind. Glad I got to participate and be a part of it and I was SO HAPPY to go HOME to my microcosm.
So, ya, thanks for being an empathetic human being Mary Stuart Masterson … looks like you have not changed a bit.
Here is her website – DONATE!!!!
That’s most, but not all, of my Benny n Joon memories. I’m sure I forgot something …. 
I’m gonna go and look at Mary’s site, for a few minutes, donate a few bucks  as I enjoy my cuppa java then get my day moving!
Be well all and have a good, productive day!
** You can find Jaq here: http://www.jaqmackenzie.com **  support indie music & buy her songs if you like them!! =)

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