Last October Jaq and I attended a fundraiser called, NY in HOLLYWOOD hosted by THE ENVIRONMENT OF PEOPLE FOUNDATION at CBS RADFORD currently known as CBS CENTER in Studio City. I will mention that this is where THE BEST TIMES, that show I talked about a blog ago, was shot. I always look up at the door which used to be what led into my dressing room when I go on that lot (with or without Jaq) and I ALWAYS point it out to her (at least a dozen times, I’m sure) . So, of course, (of course!!) we passed it. I pointed it out to Jaq, AGAIN. She didn’t roll her eyes or sarcastically ask: “really, mom???”  so I took another shot. I told her that it had once also been Jane Wyman’s dressing room. There was little response at all much less the adverse reaction I was anticipating – there was also no bait taken, no: “Who is Jane Wyman?” so I added “That’s Ronald Reagan’s 1st wife – there was a button one that said ‘Jane Wyman was right’, funny right Jaq?”. as if she DID ask … I was relieved and a little grateful that even after this exercise in repetition and lesson in history I thought was so clever, that walking into this event there was not a hint of teen aged snipe nor was there any (noticeable) mother/daughter “dynamic” … how do you spell relief?

As we entered we met up with my buddy,  Scott Schwartz, (The Toy/ A Christmas Story/21 Jump Street with yours truly) and his brother Sandy.


We got there right at the top of the event so that we wouldn’t miss our friend Dave Shelton who was performing and who had helped putting together the event. Right away, we saw one of the hosts  Zachary Alexander Rice (Minions Movie/Fresh Off The Boat) and his mom McKenzie said our warm hellos and then made our way to the front.

Zach went up onto the stage, introduced himself in his warm and energetic fashion and announced that the event had officially begun. Then this other dude  got up and spoke then introduced Dave who came up on stage with his buddy  Count Smokula (I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried) …..


They performed An original song by Dave, then an original by Count Smoky, then the two of them decided to sing “You Are My Sunshine” and Dave invited Jaq up to perform that with them. It was very sweet of Dave to do so. He had asked me months ago if Jaq wanted to perform and I hedged because of her calendar so she did NOT play a set there BUT Dave, being the amazing Dave that he is,  made sure that he put her up on stage even if it was for 1 song in his set. WE LOVE YOU DAVE!!!!

They get done and then the magician who was hired came up to perform a mini set. I wish I had a photo but alas … NOT. He starts his performance and asks for some crowd involvement by saying that he needed a new magic word. Some old guy calls out “ABRACADABRA” which the magician politely but quickly rejects saying that it was not new. SO then, quite to my surprise, Jaq, who usually stays an observer blurts out “Flaganja!” and starting to feel slightly uncomfortable,  I’m thinking is she SERious??? So then the magician says: “Great! Thank you young lady! The new magic word is ‘LaGanja’ folks!”

I’m sitting right behind her. I was a combination of stunned (that he went with it) and annoyed (that he dropped the ‘F’ at the top of the word) and proud (what a clever and snarky response – ‘at a girl, Jaq!) and slightly embarrassed ( Wow ..did she JUST REALLY SAY THAT at this fund raiser?) – I was emotionally all over the place in an instant.

Not knowing what else to do (I had to do SOMEthing) I got up and ran to Dave who was packing his stuff and said “did you hear that?” he says: “No, hear what?” I told him and he and Count Smokula, Security and Mr. Stage Tech, who were in ear shot, all had a hearty giggle.

The magician wrapped up his “act” and Dave, Jaq and everyone else start to head back to the RED CARPET to get our photos snapped. I say to Jaq: “Well that was clever.” She looked at me straight faced and said “What was clever?” Said: “Your new magic word. FlaGanja” She says again straight faced: “What? FlaGanja… so??” I raise my eyebrows and mimic smoking a joint and she bursts out with “OOOOOOOOH … Ganja ….I get it!” and I’m thinking really???? That was an accident????

I love my kid.

She got to do an interview with the lovely Rahel Bailit images(I pulled that shot from the interwebz so it’s small)

After that we got some (really yummy) food, mingled and left the way we arrived- with Scotty and Sandy Schwartz.






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    • Ok – wow – I am about to post another one. I am really, as I said to Mr. Donovan HORRIBLE at making myself do anything for myself – it’s a mom thing I guess bc love leads ya to put “them” 1st. Been running my daughter’s website but no longer … trying to focus on me again. That said THANK YOU sooooo much!

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